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Ryan and Marielle's Intimate Wedding

"We got really excited when we heard from Ryan & Marielle that their wedding will take place in a private island in Palawan.

It was actually our first time to hear about Floral Island. So we googled it and we fell in love at first sight. Not to mention, you can also book the entire island all by yourself. We arrived at Floral Island a day before their wedding. It was a 5-hour drive from Puerto Princesa to Floral Island, that’s already land and water.

We chilled and enjoyed the place as the sun sets and decided while dinner to start the ceremony in the morning because it will rain in the afternoon (forecasted by the weather app). There’s no traditional ceremony guys, so anytime is okay. This wedding was officiated by Marielle’s sister, Michelle. Oh, did I say, they were just eight altogether? The couple, Ryan’s parents, Marielle’s parents and two sisters. A very intimate wedding, just with their immediate families.

The next morning, it was raining hard, but that didn't stop us to wait. Yes, we patiently waited (lol!). The rain stopped at around 10am and we started the ceremony at 11am. It was a brief yet meaningful exchanging of vows.

Everyone was close to crying. The skies blessed this couple because after the rain, though it was cloudy, it was dry until the evening. They were able to enjoy and celebrate with the couple and danced the night away."

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