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“Marriages are like fingerprints; each one is different and each one is beautiful.” Maggie Reyes


Hello, there!


We are Meg and Jane.

Like every marriage, our collaboration is one that’s founded on diverse passions and personalities. We are driven by beautiful stories through film, handheld footages and honest storytelling. We love it raw and with substance.

Meg and Jane is the product of those passions and of our deep understanding of the distinct fingerprint that is the bride and groom – a beautiful diversity that we aim to capture through our lenses every single time.

Our work is born out of love for natural light and making beautiful things from intimate, honest, and fleeting memories – away from filters, heavy edits, and directed shots. We draw inspiration from candid moments – those that normally slip in between takes.

We’re Meg and Jane, and we weave stories of Serendipity, Love, and Ever After.

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If you have checked our portfolio and featured works, and you think we're the best people to cover your event.

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