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Mike and Alexa's Wedding

There's a kind of love that weathers and holds in stillness.Then there's a kind of love that weathers and holds in movement. 
This is that kind of love. As a dancer, Alexa, the bride, knew she wanted a whole lot of dancing during her big day. Mike, her groom, was more than happy to obliged. Mike and Alexa's wedding was one of the lightest and most fun we've covered, and we wouldn't lie:

They danced so well, they've got us grooving too.

It's not because of the grand reception venue, or your lavish wedding gown and expensive pair of stilettos. Weddings will always be special if all the people gathering were celebrating and happy just like you. Most of all, weddings will always be beautiful if you put your heart and soul to it because you're marrying the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.


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