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Den and Dae's Engagement Session

We arrived at Macao Intl. Airport I think past 7pm, just a few hours after Den and Dae arrived. We just went to our hotel rooms, left our things then look for a place to eat for dinner. The next morning, we made sure to eat breakfast and had a good chat before the shoot. We were talking about strolling in Macao and how we’re going to make it look like we’re not doing a prenup shoot. Den and Dae first took us to Ruins of St. Paul's iconic church, however as early as 7AM the place was jampacked. So we just took some photos and off we go to the streets and do our usual style (our papparazzi style, hahaha..) Since they were still aware about the camera poining at them they were awkward at first, but after an hour they were able to cope and be themselves. The reason why they choose to have their engagement session in Macao is because of the portuguese inspired architecture and that place was memorable for them because it was their first date location. We had a great time shooting Den and Dae glad to make friends with them during our stay in Macao.

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